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Quality pays off

Images play a big role in web design. They often achieve a stronger effect than words, because they appeal to us on a visual level. They attract attention, transmit emotions and shape the atmosphere of a website. And they invite us to pause and stay a while.

A reputable company is expected to present a professional website with high-quality photos. However, if the quality of the images on the website is not good - be it due to pixelation, blurring or unfavorable perspectives and filters - this has a negative impact on the overall impression, regardless of how good the web design is.

But what do companies need to consider when selecting images and where do they get them?

That works

Images can be optimally used to evoke moods and emotions. Feelings of connection and trust can be generated particularly effective through the use of photos with people. Images that show people in real everyday situations have a convincing and authentic effect, as viewers can identify with them more easily.

Optimally presented

When a company offers products, the quality of the product photos is of great importance. Customers want to see what they get for their money. Therefore, it is recommended to present the product optimally and from different angles.

Less is more

Too many images can quickly make a website look overloaded. Therefore, there should still be enough white space. The images should always fulfill a relevant function, such as directing the viewer's gaze or supplementing the information. Furthermore, the size should be taken into account, as too large photos slow down the website.

Pictures from the Internet vs. photos from a photographer

On the Internet, there is a large selection of royalty-free images that can be purchased for single or multiple use. They usually offer high quality. However, there are also many images there that might seem meaningless or too exaggerated in the context of your business, and you're better off avoiding them. However, if you want your company to be presented as authentically as possible, we recommend that you don't use pictures from the Internet, but rather hire a photographer who will photograph and present you in the best possible way. This way you will get unique photos in excellent quality that will enhance your website enormously.

At Brentex, we also know about the importance of high-quality photos. We therefore have an in-house photographer who visits our customers and captures them in the best light. We then incorporate the images, which are given the final polish in a professional post-processing, into our web designs.

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