How to create targeted advertising


What your customers really want

Do you want to use marketing campaigns to increase your sales of a product or service? Then we recommend you to analyze your target group.

In another blog post, we have already explained in detail why it makes sense to know your target group in order to perform successful marketing. Now we will deal with how to identify and analyze your target group. The goal of a target group analysis is to gain a better understanding of what consumers expect from your product, what their needs are and how they behave. Based on this, you can target your marketing efforts more effectively. 

Target group analysis: This is how it works!

Step 1: Define your target group

To begin, you should first consider where there is a demand for your product or service. Which people do you want to help? Who can benefit from your offer? List all possible groups of people who might be interested in your product. Which grouping can you best identify with? What most closely matches your offering? Describe your desired target group as specifically as possible using demographic and socioeconomic characteristics.

Step 2: Get to know your target audience

Now that you know your target group, it's important to find out as much as possible about your potential customers. The following questions provide valuable starting points: What are their problems, what frustrates them, and what are their needs? What are their buying motives? What media do they use? What values are important to them? What is their income and willingness to buy? You can find the answers to these questions, for example, through surveys or through research and statistical evaluations.

Step 3: Develop a persona

After you have defined and analyzed your target group, you can use the information for creating a persona. What is meant is a detailed picture of a typical customer for your offer. You now know what content and what tone of voice appeals to your target group and where they spend most of their time. You can now align your advertising efforts on this basis.

Since the digital landscape and your product portfolio are constantly changing, it is important that you regularly analyze and adjust your target group.


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